Waterbury / Stowe Fish & Game Club

06:40 - Dave G opened the meeting
Agenda & Financial report already handed out
Secretary's report - Izzy not here; on to the Financials
Tom Sreviewed some of the #'s:
    archery - maint  costs
    membership increased over 2010
    conservation camp - sent 1 kid this year
    duck race earned ~ $1000.00
    skeet: ~ $1800.00
    pizza oven: $1000.00
    CD interest: $311.00
    Ins structures: ~ $2900.00
    Ins Liabiltiy:$ 885.00
    Kids fishing derby - for food & prizes
    Maint - primarily mowing & trimming
    rifle range - cost for targets
    Jim S - motion to acept
    Rich H - 2nds
    Mbrshp - ayes have it 

Dave G - Club Officer vote for replacement
Warren Davies motion to accept present officers if they're willing to serve
Rich H2nds
Mbrshp - ayes have it 

Tom Sbrings up Scot Janowitz (sp?) giving up web site - (Rene Churchill will
be taking over) - a gift?
Billy (?) suggested a gift card; Chris J suggested Cacbella's - he buys stuff there.
Tom queries for amount - suggests $100.00 
Mbrshp agrees

Dave G thanks folks for acknowledging his fathers passing
2013 dues - change?
minor discussion - concensus increase in mbrshp, price is ok
  Chris J suggests "as is"
  Warren D makes motion to accept
  Billy M 2nds

  Dave Gbrings up with increase of cash on hand, increase amount in CD by $5,000.
  Decides wait for new business

  Reni C how big it the mailing list?
  Tom S answers ~ 600 - carry non-paying for 2 yrs, probably ~ 300
  general talk about mailing to garner e-mail addresses for future mailings cutting costs

  Billy M buildings/grounds report
  7 rentals so far this year
  buildings in pretty good shape - painting mostly
  get boiler cleaned
  have to take care of emptying septic system
  4th duck race? - Tom says Mike & Izzy may do ti - check next meeting they'll be back then
July 4th parade - Rotary Club taking over for the parade committee

Chris JKids fishing Derby
Fish already ordered & will be coming
on Sunday May 20th this year (2012)
Chris asks about buying prizes - 
check with Fishing Hole in Morrisville
     Fly Rod Shop

minor discussion on pref's for where/how to purchase
talk of paying/free advertisement on Web page for Parro's in lieu there-of

Dave G - Bldng Maint - trap house - Chris brings up ~ $3,000 to get the conduit &
excavator needed also brings up new bldng for electrical panel box and conduit being
burried 18" down how 'bout new bldng size/mat'l/cost/etc? (12x16? on crushed
stone on PT 8x8's)
Bill Whitehair steps forward and says he'll take on building the new building
Jim S & Rich H also agree to help him
Lower skeet house needs new T-111 on back side.
who uses the trap?  Does it need new conduit? need to use the excavator?
need a small electrical box on a post for feeding? 
field  lights used?  - yes, October
Club house needs painting
work bee - Reni will put the list on the web site

Jim SArchery - state no braodheads - still used anyway
the old targets have to be picked up yet
have a shoot this year?  Jim will try to get the info soon

Dave GSkeet - Kevin(?) not here - Rene spoke about "the birds" (I'm unfamiliar with the topic)
Jim will talke to Ed Severence (Underhill) about what they do 
need 250/case to get discount on clays
Cabelas - $56.00/case for 250 (I couldn't find them online)

Dave GRifle Range - Mikes not here - people leave their trash down there
need to empty trash barrels more often
would trhe use of Berms be helpfull?

Dave GPonds - clean out the cattails/clead up the edges

Old/New Business

Dave G "Table" the CD idea 'til Chris does the work for the wiring
Jim S - motion the spend what-ever's needed to make a working trap field
I missed who 2nd it
Mbrs all agreed with him
Dave GMeeting schedule - quarterly? 
Bill Whitehair - advertise Waterbury Record?
Warren D  put E-mail on new member form?
Rich H  WDEV? - (Party Calendar)
Did not know name - place E-mail entry in logbook at gate

Reni CWhen is next newsletter - Tom(?) - Dec 2012

Dave Gneed to setup dates for the rest of the year meetings:
Billy M was the man with the calendar; membership agreed
20:08Billy Mmotioned to adjourn
Mbrshp agreed (we all 2nd it?  :^)

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