Waterbury / Stowe Fish & Game Club

Waterbury/Stowe Fish and Game Club

October 3, 2012

The Meeting was called to order by President Dave Grenier at 6:30 pm. Dave welcomed the members present. There were eight members present at the start of the meeting. Billy Martin, Kevin Rogers, Mike Keiser, Tom Sandretto, Dave Grenier, Izzi Keiser, Rene Churchill and George Finbarren.

Secretary’s Report

Izzi Keiser read the minutes of the April 4, 2012 meeting. Kevin moved to accept the minutes as read; the motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Tom Sandretto reported that the CD came due on September 25. After deliberating the high CD rates in the market place (that’s sarcasm), he rolled the CD to a ten month certificate and added $5,000 from the checking account to it. Current totals are $44,357 in the CD and $18,78,778 in cash. Total is $63,0335. He mentioned that property taxes and expenses for repairs to power on the skeet field, drain on the trap field and a new structure are coming up. After more discussion, a motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report as read. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Old Business

None discussed

New Business

Roy Marshall offered his services and digging equipment to the club. Tom contacted Chris Joyal and suggested that he contact Roy to coordinate conduit with digging equipment. Chris was discussing the possible installation of a new power box outside the control shack – waterproof and locked up. He knows he will put a drain in the trap house. There were several volunteers to help with the project – Chris will keep us informed.

Dave mentioned the pre-fab storage units built in Morrisville. He’s going to stop to see what they have and get some estimates. The Club might want to consider these to save time and money.

There was some discussion about the club in Barre – they have a deck that’s shaded (it’s an overhang). Something to think about – it would be nice to have a place to be in the shade or protected from rain.

Dave said that there should be something done shortly or it will wait until next summer.

The Duck Race netted a profit of about $1,600. Tom listed the winners. Phil Walbridge sold the winning ticket and received $250. Dave Grenier sold the most tickets and Izzi presented him with a $100 gift card for Arvad’s.

There were various compliments on the work Rene is doing on the website. He asked if we wanted to list officers and their contact numbers. It was decided to list there names. Mike said he could be listed as the contact for the rifle range. Kevin said to use him for skeet. Jim Sargent for archery. The rental calendar is now on-line, which has been highly successful. A bunch of members are checking the calendar to see if the ranges are open. Club rentals bring the vast majority of operating funds and everyone appreciates the common sense members are showing when the Club is rented. Certainly the ranges can be used when people are setting up for functions but once functions start it is best to leave the renters alone.

On-line rental dates are successful. Mike Keiser said to use him as contact for range.

Rene said that the Club had allowed the Cub Scouts to use the grounds recently. As a parent, he expressed his thanks. He asked for projects the kids to do to help the club. Raking the old clays would be really nice.

Rene moved to adjourn the meeting. Kevin seconded the motion which was unanimously approved.

Next meeting is the first Wednesday in January 2013. 01/02/2013

Respectfully Submitted,

Izzi Keiser


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