Waterbury / Stowe Fish & Game Club

Rifle Range Rules

  1. No shooting on Wednesdays. - Archery Only. The archery trail winds around behind the skeet/trap fields and the rifle range, so Wednesday is their day to use the 3D targes without having to worry about getting shot.
  2. There are "NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON ANY RANGES". If an accident should occur on the range, and anyone was drinking, the club would be no more. We have worked very hard into making the Club a great place for members to enjoy. Be responsible. Thanks

  3. When using the ranges, if you put a target up and shoot, take it down and dispose of it. The range gets really trashy looking several times a year. There is a trashcan by the benches. If it is full, empty it in the dumpsters by the clubhouse. If something is not right or broken down, please notify us so we can fix it. Again, e-mail/call us!
  4. We want everyone to co-operate. If you are fishing in the pond and other members would like to shoot skeet, work out a compromise. We have never had any problems with situations like this. Be courteous to fellow members.
  5. If you drive into the club and open the gate, please lock it when you leave. If you are on the club grounds and another member drives in when you are about to leave, ask that member to please lock the gate. This is due to insurance reasons. Only members and their guests are allowed in the WSF&G club. The only time non-members are allowed on the club grounds is when the club is hosting a festivity such as a party, wedding, BBQ or things of this nature.
  6. 3 shot limit - no full auto.
  7. No explosive targets on the range. The valley we are in channels the sound very well. Please be respectful of our neighboring homes by not shakding their paintings off the wall.

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